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How To Organize A School Fair:

A school fair is one of the major highlights that students look forward to attending with their friends and classmates. A school fair is a good avenue for students to simply relax and take time off from doing regular school work. If you are part of the team who is planning to organize a fair, we’ve got some great news for you. Because in this article, we can help provide you and your organizing team practical tips on how to organize a school fair. Whether your purpose is to give the students a break, launch a fundraising campaign or support an ongoing school project, launching or organizing a school fair is a good avenue to promote your advocacy. Below are the tips on how to get started:

Tip #1: Organize a steering committee that would take charge of organizing the event. The committee should elect officers that will take charge of each aspect of the school fair. In usual cases the following groups take charge in organizing this event:

Student Council officers

Parent- Teacher Association

Club Presidents and officers

To ensure that things are organized by electing leaders who would be responsible in leading the team, communicating all changes and handling funds for equipment rental such as a slushie machine and other food and drinks equipment.

Tip #2: Plan the event months ahead of time so that people won’t go into panic mode a few weeks before the official launch of the school fair. Make sure that you already have a venue in mind where you and your team can set up booths or stalls that are meant for selling. The following places are ideally recommend for school fairs:


Open school grounds ( depends on the weather condition)

School Cafeteria- making it easier to sell food and rent a carpigiani machine for those who are planning to sell ice cream.

Tip #3: Assign a few people or assemble a team that would be in charge of entertainment by creating programs, hosting games or organizing a mini concert. Another team should also be in charge of food selling services. Because these are the things are considered as major highlights of the school fair. It would actually be better if you have the additional budget to set up a carnival.